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Sonia Ambriz, Principal
Leah Nyberg, Vice Principal
Maria Siador, School Secretary

School Hours

Grades K-6th : 8:25 am - 2:20 pm

Grades 7th & 8th : 8:20 am - 2:20 pm

Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm

There is no school supervision for students before 7:55 am. Students arriving early to have breakfast may arrive at 7:55 am.

Cafeteria Breakfast : 7:55 am - 8:20 am

Students who are having breakfast should be in the cafeteria no later than 7:55 am


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November News!

Red Ribbon Week 2015

EAGLE NEWS! McKinley School Newsletter # 4

Newsletter also available – “schools” September 2015

Dear Parents,

November is Anti-Bullying month in SUSD.  We at McKinley School will be providing the students with activities which will focus on Anti-Bullying.  Students will be signing a pledge that reads,

“We believe that everyone should enjoy our school equally and feel safe, secure and accepted.  Bullying can be pushing, shoving, hitting, and spitting, as well as name calling, picking on, making fun of, laughing at, and excluding someone. Bullying causes pain and stress to victims and is never justified or excusable as “just teasing” “just playing.”  The victim is NEVER responsible for being a target of bullying.”  Take a moment to talk about how bullying affects their ability to focus and learn.  Please talk to your children about being caring, kind, and respectful to their peers, school staff, and loved adults. 

Part of our motto SOAR (Safe, Organized, Accountable, & Respectful) is being organized.  Organization is important for everyone.  Talk with your child about how you organize things and how he or she can become organized.  You can help your child by doing the following:   

  • Check their binders (3rd- 8th) and ensure they are organized by having dividers and all documents hole-punched. 
  • Check homework folders (k-2nd) – All children at McKinley get homework daily. 
  • When your child is presented with a large task, help them break it into small ones and establish a plan and deadlines for each task. 


Please help our school raise funds for student incentives for attendance and citizenship.   Target gives the school of your choice (McKinleyJ) 5% of their profit if you have a credit card with Target.  This program will come to an end on May 14, 2016.  So please take advantage and apply for a credit card and assign McKinley as your choice.  Thank you.

Help McKinley students help the needy.  Send canned goods to school from now until November 13th.

  • See important dates on the back side of the bulletin. 

Mrs. Ambriz, Principal


Estimadas familias,
        Noviembre es el mes de Anti-Bullying en SUSD. Nosotros en la Escuela McKinley estaremos proporcionando a los estudiantes con las actividades que se centrarán en contra la intimidación. Los estudiantes estarán firmando una promesa que dice:
"Creemos que todos deben disfrutar de nuestra escuela por igual y se siente seguro y aceptado. La intimidación puede ser empujar, golpear, y escupiendo, así como insultos, meterse con, burlarse de, riéndose, y excluyendo a alguien. La intimidación causa dolor y el estrés a las víctimas y nunca está justificada o excusable como "sólo burlas" "jugando". La víctima nunca es responsable de ser un objetivo de la intimidación. " Por favor, tome un momento para hablar de cómo la intimidación afecta su capacidad para concentrarse y aprender.  Hable con sus hijos acerca de ser cariñoso, amable y respetuoso con sus compañeros, personal escolar, y seres adultos.
        Parte de nuestro lema SOAR (Seguro, organizada, responsable, y respetuoso) se ser organizando. La organización es importante para todos. Hable con su hijo sobre cómo organizar las cosas y cómo él o ella pueden llegar a ser organizado. Usted puede ayudar a su hijo haciendo lo siguiente:
• Revise sus carpetas (8º 3ra) y asegurarse de que están organizados por tener separadores y todos los documentos perforadas.
• Revise carpetas de tareas (k-2 º) - Los niños de McKinley tienen tarea diaria.
• Cuando su hijo se presenta con una gran proyecto, ayúdeles a poner el proyecto en partes  pequeñas y establecer un plan y plazos para cada parte del proyecto.

            Por favor, ayudar a nuestros recaudar fondos escolares para incentivos estudiantiles para la asistencia y la ciudadanía. Target ofrece la escuela de su elección (McKinley
J) 5% de sus ganancias si usted tiene una tarjeta de crédito con Target. Este programa llegará a su fin el 14 de mayo de 2016. Así pues, aprovechar y solicitar una tarjeta de crédito y asignar McKinley como su elección. Gracias.

     Ayude a los niños de McKinley ayudar a los necesitados.  Manden comida de bote asta el 13 de noviembre. 
o Consulte las fechas importantes en la parte de atrás del boletín.

Sra Ambriz, Directora 

McKinley students demonstrating AVID skills. Students in Mr. Phanouvong, Mr. Harris & Mr. Foss' classes.

McKinley's Annual Showcase was a huge success!  The special projects, gallery of student work and display of awards makes this event one not to miss!.  Thank you to all who participated!  




Jose Valdez 2,060,776

Nathalia Caluza 1,694,215

Gemma Hernanadez 1,675,589

Jerome Tangalin 1,366,147

Demetrius Adams 1,235,057

Alexi Hernandez 1,191,860

Ganieanne Ganiron 1,179,048

Anthony Toreno 1,036,811

Alan Lopez 1,007,450


Rotary Readers and Stockton Thunder Hockey Players come to help McKinley Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday.

A huge turn out of Community Members from the Stockton Rotary Club and the Stockton Thunder Hockey Team came to McKinley School today to donate books and time.  These community members donated books to the classroom and spent time reading their books to students in grades K - 4th grade.  The students enjoyed the break away from their normal activities while they listened to these volunteers share their favorite stories with them.  In addition to donating books to the classrooms Health Plan of San Joaquin also donated light weight backpacks and pencil cases to the students and paper to the teachers for use in their classroom.  These donations are so needed and so welcomed ! 

Thank you so much to everyone who came and shared with our school!  

From the teachers and students at McKinley School

Thank you !

Rotary Reader Dictionary distribution on 11/15/13 for all third grade classes; Ms. Hansen, Mrs. Saucedo, and  Ms. Stratton.  Thank you very much to the Rotary Club for their very generous donation.  

"The Family Winter Assembly was attended by many of our families on 12/19/13.  The families and school staff came together as a close-knit community and enjoyed great food, student performances, and treats.  We are especially grateful to our awesome Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) parents who provided the majority of food for our attendees.


September Character Trait: Respect

Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule – Be tolerant and accepting of differences – Use good manners, not bad language – Be considerate of the feelings of others – Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone – Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements

Today: 5/27/16
All Day: Spirit Day
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We are College Bound

McKinley Elementary embeds academic/social responsibility, respect, and self-confidence with the efforts of guiding students in the path of success to college/university and beyond.    Dream it...Believe it....Prepare for it.....DO IT !

McKinley Students are College Bound !

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